Our vets take pride in providing geriatric care for pets Clarksville, TN aimed at helping senior dogs and cats stay comfortable and healthy as they continue to age. 

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Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats

Senior pets need regular preventive veterinary care and early diagnosis throughout their golden years to help them maintain a good quality of life as they get older.

Diligent care once your pet passes middle age can help to extend your pet's life and good health as they enjoy their golden years, so it's important that they attend regularly scheduled wellness exams, even if they seem healthy. 

Our vets are here to help geriatric pets from Clarksville and beyond achieve optimal health by identifying and treating emerging health issues early, and providing proactive treatment while we can most effectively and easily manage age-related conditions. 

Geriatric Care for Pets, Clarksville

Typical Health Problems

Thanks to improved dietary options and better veterinary care, companion cats and dogs are living far longer today than they have in the past. 

While this is certainly something to be celebrated, pet owners and veterinarians now face the challenge of treating more age-related conditions in pets than they did in the past as well.

Senior pets are typically prone to the following conditions:

Veterinary Care for Seniors

Our vets will thoroughly examine your senior pet, ask about their home life in detail and perform any tests that may be required to receive additional insight into his or her general physical health and condition. 

Based on the findings, we'll recommend a treatment plan which could include medications, activities and dietary changes that may help improve your senior pet's health, well-being and comfort. 

Routine Wellness Exams

Regular preventive care is essential to helping your senior pet live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. It also gives our veterinarians the opportunity to detect the earliest signs of developing conditions. 

Early detection of disease allows our vets to provide treatments while the condition is easiest to manage, preventing small problems from developing into more severe long-term issues.

With twice yearly physical examinations, your senior pet will have their best shot at quality long-term health. 

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